Spiced, bay-rum-like scent with notes of Tea Tree, Lime, Lavender, and Clove. Get a softer, fuller beard naturally with a therapeutic-grade essential oil made by hand in Montana.



- Protects from dandruff, dry skin and itchiness

- Stimulates hair follicles for a fuller growth

- Promotes healthier, more natural growth

- Soften & conditions beard and skin

- Moisturize and Relax dry, scraggly hair

- Longer-lasting spiced, bay-rum-like scent




TEA TREE - Keeps your skin healthy and clean - Helps fight acne and blemishes - Has antibacterial and antifungal properties


LIME - Has a host of antibacterial & disinfectant properties - Helps reduce itchiness & dandruff - Promotes healthy balance of natural oils


LAVENDER - Provides a pleasant fragrance - Often used for its relaxing effect - Treats acne and hair-loss


CLOVE - Antiviral and Anti-aging - Has a 'spice'-like scent





- Always use on small area of the skin to check for allergy or reactions.

- Shake before use - Apply penny-sized amount to palm and rub between palms

- Apply to face as if you are trying to rub into skin beneath the beard

- This will generally also cover the hair of the beard as well

- Stroke through the beard if needed for fuller coverage, then comb or brush lightly

- Apply once or twice a day and after showers for better results

- If the fragrance is overwhelming, you've used too much

- Reduce the number of drops during next application for more balanced and desirable smell If reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately.


Tested on and loved by Bearded Men all over the world!

Beard Mountain WILD YUKON BEARD OIL (single)

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