• Form: Isolate
  • Strength: Extra
  • Suggested Use: 1 bottle as needed
  • Notice: NO THC
  • Lab Results: View All
  • Flavor: Grape


Get exactly what you need with ECOSHOTS™ Whether you’re looking for long lasting energy forthe day or a nice relaxing night, ECOSHOTS™ have you covered. Packed with essential vitamins and isolated hemp extract, each bottle is crafted for your daily needs without all the extra calories. FULL SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT Whole plant hemp formula designed withall natural terpenes intact for maximum effect. LONG LASTING EFFECT Maintain and manage your daily hemp intakewith each shot. One to kickstart your day or oneto wind down the night. NUTRIENT RICH HEMP Natural hemp contains over 500 nutrients designed for the human body and many natural terpenes that studies have shown to aid with various ailments. NON-PSYCHOACTIVE Unlike Marijuana, full spectrum hemp extractdoes not produce a psychoactive effect. Hempextract targets the body’s critical needs.NATURAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY Studies have shown that hemp extract can act as a natural anti-inflammatory, helping with anassortment of aches and pains. CLEARER SKIN According to several researchers, hemp extracthas been shown to benefit skin in many ways dueto its nourishing vitamins and moisturizing qualities. NATURAL INGREDIENTS Each ECOSHOT™ is packed with natural ingredientsand essential vitamins. KICK STRESS TO THE CURB Research has shown that hemp extract can havea positive affect on anxiety and stress that keepsyou from feeling your best.CONVENIENCE IS KEYECOSHOTS™ are the perfect solution if you need hemp on the go. Whether you need a pick me upor a good night’s sleep, these are here for you.PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Each bottle contains 2 ounces of our unique hemp extract blend with isolated CBD concentrate. There is 0.0% THC in these drinks! Energy is just like it sounds; it is anenergy shot to get you going in the morning or help you with that afternoon midday hump. Relax is just what it sounds like, a shot to help you relax after a long day or just taken when you want to relax and have a lazy day on the couch.


Size: One 2 ounce bottleStrength: 25mg Active CBD per bottle

Suggested Use: One bottle as needed.


See what customers say about ECOSHOTS“My wife told me I should try CBD, and short of surgery, I was out of options. About a week later, she asked how I was doing and I realized I was pain free. It was amazing so I continued to take it.Thank you CBD Drip” - Ray Q.“I REALIZED I WAS PAIN FREE” “Curious to see if it would work, I tried the ECOSHOT™ Relax. I fell asleep quickly and comfortably and had a great night’ssleep for the first time in a very long time.” - Paul C.“GREAT NIGHT’S SLEEP” “Great company to get one of the best products in the industry, highly recommend it to anyone. 5 stars are not enough to amount the level of service that you will get from CBD drip.” - Jorge P

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