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In the NES version of Family Feud, the game tried to recreate the look and feel from the original Richard Dawson-hosted series, even going as far as to include a Dawson-like host who kissed the female characters in the game. (This differed from the game's packaging, which used the set from the Ray Combs era.) One or two players could play.

Just like the show, the object was to come up with answers to survey questions posed to 100 people. Correct answers were worth money, with $200 winning the game and the right to play Fast Money for $5,000, which was played exactly the same way as on the show (at least 200 points needed to win). $5 a point was awarded for unsuccessful playings of the round.

A player entered his answers by using the controller to scroll through the alphabet, contained in a string along the bottom of the screen; the answer had to be completed within a time limit. Reasonable similies to correct answers were accepted, and slight misspellings were also recognized.

Once a player won, they were given two options. The first was to stop playing, with the other being to continue on. A champion retired after winning over $20,000 automatically unless they were defeated.

If a computer-controlled family wins the game, no Fast Money is played with an excuse given to the form of "Due to (EXCUSE), the (NAMES) will not be playing Fast Money today". Excuses used include "tax considerations" and "a birth in the family". This is a carry-over from the ShareData versions of the game.

SNES/Genesis and 3DO/PC

The versions that followed used the Combs set, with the SNES and Genesis version using a host resembling Combs and the 3DO and PC versions featuring a host resembling Dawson (as he had returned to the series by this point).

The later versions also added options to where a player could play a game without facing an opponent and whether or not they wanted to play the Bullseye Round, which had been added to the show in 1992 and was included in each of the later releases. The Bullseye Round was played as it was during the last two seasons of the Combs Feud, where a $5,000 starting bank was used and up to $15,000 could be added depending on how many questions a team answered correctly.

The later version games played for points instead of dollars, with 300 winning the game. After a win, a player received a code to use if they wanted to stop playing but pick up where they left off. Five wins meant automatic retirement regardless of how much money a player won.

Next Generation reviewed the 3DO version of the game, rating it three stars out of five, and stated that "It's a blast if you have a bunch of folks with whom to play, however, in the final analysis, whether or not you like it probably depends on whether or not you like the television show."[4]

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